General Workplace Safety Tips | The Dangers of Being Careless on the Job

General Workplace Safety Tips | The Dangers of Being Careless on the Job

We already know that thousands of injuries occur in the workplace each year, and unfortunately, some of those injuries ultimately result in death. Everyday when workers walk onto the job site, or into the factory, or into the warehouse, etc. they are accepting the fact that an accident could happen at any given moment and that they could be the next victim. However, once workers have been working at their jobs long enough, they start to develop somewhat of an immunity to these threats. In other words, they become so used to the constant threat of an injury or death happening to them or their coworkers that they get used to it and start to become careless while they are working. Carelessness on the job obviously leads to unsafe work practices, but some may be surprised to learn that carelessness is actually the leading cause of incidents in the workplace. Statistically speaking, 20% of injuries result from unsafe conditions while the other 80% are caused by unsafe acts. This means that 80% of all injuries in the workplace each year are directly caused by workers who either didn’t know how to safely perform a specific task, or they simply ignored learned safe practices for one reason or another. Since it is the workers’ responsibility to learn safe practices, we are going to focus on the workers who already know what they’re doing, but are still being careless about their jobs anyways. For these particular workers, we will offer some general workplace safety tips and point out the biggest contributors to carelessness in the workplace.

Peer Pressure

No, this is not high school, but workers still experience peer pressure to get their jobs done quickly, whether it be from their coworkers or even from their managers or supervisors. There have been several accidents attributed to workers performing a job quicker than they should have. When a worker is put under pressure like this and speeds up his or her work, they naturally start to become unsafe and an accident becomes all but inevitable. The small amount of time workers will save speeding up their work pales in comparison to the consequences they will suffer should an accident occur.

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Poor Work Habits 

Some workers actually start to make their poor workplace practices a habit over time. They become lazy one day, but nothing happens. So they think that if it didn’t happen that time, it probably won’t happen the next time. This attitude can build over time to the point where the worker is practicing unsafe work habits everyday they walk into the workplace. Once this happens, it turns into a habit and they essentially start playing a game of Russian Roulette. They can pull the trigger a bunch of times without anything happening, but someday they won’t be so lucky and they will pay the consequences for their unsafe habits.

Personal Pressure

Sometimes workers become so overwhelmed with everything they have to do that they start to rush through their tasks to get them done quicker. Employers love driven individuals in the workplace, but there is a fine line between working quickly and effectively and working dangerously. To put it simply, workers will not complete the job if they are injured or dead, if they are healthy and alive, they will. It’s that simple.

Poor Attitude and Outlook 

Sometimes workers will develop a sense of superiority after working at a job for a long time. They will start to think that the rules don’t apply to them and that they are superhuman because they have performed their tasks over and over without any type of incident. This is poisonous thinking and will assuredly result in disaster. Just because someone has worked at a job for decades without a single incident does not mean that they won’t experience a horrific accident tomorrow. Humans are human, and humans make mistakes. The worst mistake one can make, however, is having a poor attitude and a sense of superiority over the rules and other workers.

All of the things we have mentioned are very simple, however they contribute to 80% of all workplace accidents each year! Don’t underestimate the importance of being consciously aware of the proper safety procedures for each job and resist the urge to become lazy and careless on the job. There are several injured and dead workers who would support everything we have said here, don’t become one of them!

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Brett Gordon is a writer for Safety Partners, LTD.

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