Safety Equipment Rentals


Tripods and Winches

Tripods and Winch Systems

Truck mount Rescue Trees

Truck Mount Rescue Trees

Pelsue Airflow & Air Duct

Confined Space Ventilation

Miller Retrievables

Retrievable Devices

Rescue Boards

Rescue Equipment


2 small cascade breathing air trailers, 10 bottles each

10 Bottle Breathing Air Trailer

1 medium cascade breathing air trailer, 12 bottles

12 Bottle Breathing Air Trailer

2 Large cascade breathing air trailers, 22 bottles each

22 Bottle Breathing Air Trailer

SCBA Scotts 30 minute

30 minute SCBA

Survivor Air 15 minute

15 minute Escape Pack

6. SKA Pac 10 minute

10 minute Escape Pack


5 minute Escape Pack


5’ and 6 ‘ Lanyards

5’ and 6 ‘ Lanyards

6’ Ez stop Retractables

6’ Ez stop Retractables

Double Lanyards

Double Lanyards

6’ Sling Anchors

6’ Sling Anchors

18 “ Lanyards

18 “ Lanyards


Mini Light SRL’s

Safety signs and Cones

Safety Signs and Cones

Scotts and Survivor Breathing Masks

Full Face Breathing Air Masks


Gas Alert Clip Extreme ( Single Gas )

GasAlert Clip Extreme (Single Gas)

  • Available in 2 or 3 year versions
  • No calibration, sensor, battery replacement or charging needed
  • Standard H2S, also CO, O2 and SO2
  • Simply push the start/test button and its ready to use
Gas Alert Co Extreme ( Single Gas )

GasAlert Co Extreme (Single Gas)

  • Compact and affordable
  • Monitors any single gas hazard within its Toxic gas range
  • Extended longevity with a 2 year field-replaceable battery and sensor
  • All monitors will come calibrated and ready to use
  • Standard CO, also H2S, O2, SO2
Gas Alert MicroClip 4 Gas personal

GasAlert MicroClip 4 Gas personal

  • Simple one button operation
  • Standard H2S, CO, LEL and 02 sensors
  • Fully compatible with Microdock II automatic test system


Gas Alert Max XT 4 Gas

GasAlert Max XT 4 Gas

  • Reliably monitors 4 Hazards
  • Standard H2S, CO, O2 and LEL
  • Both personal and confined space use
  • Motorized pump for intelligent, remote sampling, ideal for confined space
BW GasAlert Micro 5 with Pump Installed

GasAlert Micro 5 Confined space

  • Monitor 5 Hazards at once
  • Standard HCN, CO/H2S, LEL, O2 sensors
  • Available in diffusion or pump
  • Extensive selection of user-settable field options
  • Passcode function to prevent unauthorized modifications to settings