On-Site Safety

Safety Partners, Ltd. conducts business in a quality driven system that maximizes safety and human health protection. We are committed to compliance with changing regulations from the facility level to the State and Federal level. We strive to meet the safety demands of our customers.


On-Site Safety

Safety Partners, Ltd. provides extensively trained safety professionals to partner with contractors in various industrial and construction environments. Well-versed in OSHA regulations, our professionals perform general safety oversight as well as confined space supervision and rescue. We conduct on-site safety training and meetings to educate employees about job site hazards, incorporating safety into the initial design and overseeing all safety issues throughout the life of the project. Using Safety Partners in all phases of your project saves you time and money and ensures that your employees work in the safest possible environment.
On-Site Safety Representatives: Our Safety professionals are truly the best in the business. Our reps have years of experience in the field in all types of industrial and construction environments. All of our safety reps go through continuous ongoing training to make sure that we stay on the cutting edge of the safety industry and are current with all new OSHA rules and regulations.


Our Safety Professionals have the following training as a minimum:

  • OSHA 10
  • OSHA 30
  • Hazwoper 40
  • First Aid/ CPR
  • LO/TO
  • Confined Space/ Rescue
  • Emergency Rescue
  • Trenching and Shoring


Our Safety Representatives perform the following duties:

  • On-Site Industrial Safety Representation
  • On-Site Construction Safety Representation
  • Safety Support and Management
  • Emergency Planning and Response
  • Policy and Procedure Development
  • Safety Compliance Audits
  • Accident Investigation
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Confined Space Stand-by Rescue
  • Confined Space Hole Watch And Supervisor
  • Job Site Safety Audits

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Safety Partners is not just a name but the way we do business. Our safety representatives work closely with our clients’ Safety teams to help support their safety goals and objectives. The contractors and businesses we work with often have very effective safety policies, procedures and management teams in place. We are in no way there to replace their current safety staff, but to assist them with evaluating and managing their safety needs.

Policy and Procedure

Our written site, safety and health programs are designed to meet regulatory and facility specific requirements, provide flexibility in application, and educate employees on company policies and guidelines. ISNETWORLD and PICS have both evaluated and approved clients using these written programs.

Incident Investigation

Thousands of accidents occur throughout the United States every day. The failure of people, equipment, supplies, or surroundings to behave or react as expected causes most of them. Accident investigations determine how and why these failures occur. By using the information gained through an investigation, a similar, or perhaps more disastrous, accident may be prevented. It is important to conduct accident investigations with prevention in mind.