Workplace Distractions

Workplace Distractions

It is shown that one of the most threatening factors on a job site is distractions. There are many different forms of distractions that can play a major part in workplace injuries and fatalities. These distractions can be fixed and will make your workplace safe. Below you will find the five top distractions at work.

Mental Distractions and Inattention

It can be very difficult to function properly at work when you have so much going on in your personal life. This is one of the biggest distractions that employees seem to have in any workplace. It may be difficult for employees to walk through the work doors and just be able to eliminate all the anger or concerns they have going on in their personal lives.  These worries can make it very difficult for employees to focus completely at work.

People can have a lot of things on their mind; whether it is about their exciting weekend ahead of them, or the argument they had with their spouses. At the time the worker believes these thoughts are harmless and its fine to carry with them to work, but what they don’t know is one little distraction can cause a major injury or fatality at work. A job site can be a very busy, fast paced area and it can also quickly lead to an injury if you are not focused on your work and the others around you.workplace distractions

Poor Housekeeping

A proven way to improve your mood is to improve your surroundings. Visual clutter can easily be translated into mental clutter. If your desk or work area is a mess this means you’re always looking for something or overlooking important things. On a job site safety tends to suffer when clutter accumulates, and can be a sign that safety is not the top priority. Clutter can create major distractions for workers to deal with, and at times can slow their job down.

Cell Phone Use

There is a study that shows workers are 36 times more likely to have an accident while using a cellphone. It is important that if you are on a job that requires constant attention to what you’re doing it is best to not even have your phone on you. If you’re using your phone at work it takes your attention away from your workers and could lead to structural failure or damage years later due to poor workmanship.

If you do have a very important phone call to take while on the job make sure you have your workers stop what they are doing and take a break. This should not be an occurring problem.

MP3 Players and similar devices

Listening to music can be a very relaxing, mood boosting tool but it also can be very dangerous if listened to in the wrong environment. On a job site hearing allows you to sense possible dangers, but it is never good to listen to music that blocks your hearing from what is going on around you. If you’re an employee that is just using ear buds to block out noise distractions on the job then you need to use appropriate earplugs to protect yourself and be able to stay attentive on the job.

Long/Unkempt Hair

Most people don’t believe it but many accidents in the past have actually happened because a worker was fixing their hair in the middle of a task. Long, loose hair can block your vision or get tangled in power tools and machinery. It is very important that if you have long hair to keep it pulled back and be sure to keep it out of the way from your work area.

While factors in the workplace play a role in causing distractions, the fact remains that more occupational hazards rise from unsafe acts than from unsafe conditions. Safety of employees now lies in their own hands. If an employee is following safe procedures and not letting any of these distractions get in their way during work then you will not have to worry about hurting yourself before each work day ends.

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